The ‘European Social Economy Summit’ (#EUSES) is a jointly organized digital conference by the European Commission and the City of Mannheim.

The #EUSES is a conference which aims at strengthening the social economy in Europe and harness its contribution to economic development, social inclusion as well as green and digital transitions.

The #EUSES will offer a forum for numerous exchanges on the role of social economy in Europe as a vector for economic development and social inclusion. The summit will be an opportunity to discuss how social economy can help reshape the economy post-COVID by promoting inclusive sustainable economic models for the green and digital transition within Europe.

Social economy and social enterprises create jobs, provide accessible services, foster  upskilling, address environmental challenges and strengthen communities. They carry potential for social innovation and social cohesion. They contribute positively to the economy and society at large. Social economy and social enterprises are an excellent example of “An economy that works for people.”

Three thematic angles are suggested to frame the programme of the European Social Economy Summit:

Collaboration: Addressing today’s most pressing challenges requires developing the capacity to lead collaboratively and to effectively work across sectors and countries. 

Innovation: Social innovation is the process of developing and deploying effective new solutions to challenging and often systemic social and environmental issues in support of social progress. 

Digitalisation: Digitalisation in the Social Economy is already having a substantial impact on social and economic prospects worldwide. 

The #EUSES is an opportunity to bring all stakeholders active in the social economy together.

Check out Inhervoice’s participation ih the first day of #EUSES

Inhervoice was invited to speak in #EUSES by Fundação Eugénio de Almeida, on the topic “Innovative and collaborative experiences for managing social crisis.”

Our five minute presentation will take place on Day 1, from 11 am to 12 am,  will be about “The importance of coaching for future leaders – how to measure social impact?” and will be focused on:

To attend the meeting you, please registrate here.

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